NIAONiao Virtual Singer Wikia

These are the rules of this wikia. Violating any of these rules will result in a warning, a deletion of the violated page, or a ban on your account/IP based on the severity of the action.

By using the wikia, you are agreeing you have read and will comply to these rules and guidelines.

General Rules

These apply all around the wikia.

  1. Respect is required here. Harassing, trolling, or other malicious intent to harm an individual will not be tolerated.
  2. Editing files uploaded to the wikia that are not yours will be liable to punishment. Only administrators can remove or edit content that does not comply to the rules of the wikia.
  3. Content containing racism, sexism, extreme gore, and highly sexual content is forbidden and will be removed without warning.
  4. Unwanted editing to another person's page is punishable, especially if it is vandalized.
  5. Plagiarism or theft of any content, video, image, or voice library will be removed and resulted in a ban if it is evident.

Page Guidelines

If you are uploading a page for your NIAONiao singer,

  1. The page must comply with the General Rules of the wikia, and with the NIAONiao Usage Policy.
  2. When creating the page, write the name of your singer in Western order.(Given name first.) There will be a section in your infobox to put in the Hanzi/Kanji in Eastern order.
  3. The voice library must be completed within 2 months of page creation. If you currently do not have a library completed, there will be a category you can send your In Progress singers until then. They will be moved to a normal category when completed. If your library is not completed within 6 months of page creation, it will be removed.
  4. The voice library must not be pitched or edited from a currently existing voice library. If it is found you have done this, you will be blacklisted from the wikia and your page will be removed.
  5. When uploading an image for the info box, make sure the art represents the full body appearance of the character. It is recommended that the image has a simple background to maintain focus on the character. (For example, look at Wuxi)
  6. To keep the wikis pages as uniform as possible, use the info box template. Your extra information can be added to the left using the classic editor. It is recommended to input headings, as this allows your information to be more organized and easier to edit later on.

If you are uploading a page for a tutorial,

  1. Make sure your information is accurate and concise. A tutorial does not help if it is wrong.
  2. Check other tutorial pages to avoid creating duplicate tutorials.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change as NIAONiao and this wikia develops.

Unwanted editing to this page will result in a warning, then a ban.