Dong Fang Zhi Zi
Dong Fang Zhi Zi
Third Party Singer
Physical attributes
Height 160cm
Weight 45kg
Gender Female
Age 16
Character Information
Character Item Unknown
Birthday December 27
Sign Capricorn
Hobbies singing, dancing, martial arts
Dislikes onion, bun
Motto "I love you."


Dong Fang Zhi Zi (栀子- Gardenia) was knows around Early May 2012, but at an awards show, the video can be viewed here. It is unknown how long she has been in development. She would later recieve backlash from the Vocaloid comunity as a Fake Miku or a Miku Rip-Off, because of the similar clothing/ hair styles. Though most of the backlash subsided, some of it still remains.
In 2013 Dong Fang Zhi Zi recieved her very own Japanese and Chinese UTAU bank voiced by Shan Shan (It is unknown when she recieved a NIAONiao bank). This bank(UTAU) can be heard singing in the 35 Mandarin UTAU, 1 NIAONiao, and 3 Vocaloid cover of the chinese song "Tomorrow Will Be Better" this can be heard here. In June of 2013 Dong Fang Zhi Zi recieved an update. It is worth mentioning that her Japanese bank is the same as her Chinese, but edited configurations so Japanese phoneme's are the only ones being sung. She would later go on to get a NIAONiao bank.The link to her UTAU voicebanks has stopped working (though someone has reuploaded them to mediafire), but her NIAONIAO bank downloads are still up. It is unknown weither she will be updated again.


NIAONiao Chinese 2.1: Please Click here!
NIAONiao Japanese 2.1: Please Click here!

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