Welcome to the community wikia about NIAONiao. This page will serve as an informational resource to learn about what NIAONiao is, and the first singer you will come to know.

What NIAONiao Is

NIAONiao is a free Chinese voice-synthesis software developed by dsound for Windows. The most similar counterpart to NIAONiao is UTAU, a Japanese voice-synthesis software. However, NIAONiao is not affiliated to UTAU in any sort of way. Just like UTAU, NIAONiao allows you to create your own voice library through its separate software, NIAONiao Audio Production Tools. In another article this software will be explained.

To download the NIAONiao editor, proceed here. It is recommended to download the NIAONiao editor and voice library bundle to acquire the default singer. To download this bundle, follow the link next to 袅袅本体+余袅袅音源库同捆版 (The download is hosted on BaiduCloud)

Default Singer

The first voice library your NIAONiao software may contain(Depending on whether or not you downloaded the bundle.) is Yu Niaoniao. If you want a voicebank to add to your NIAONiao software, you can find downloads at the official site , in the wikia, or deep within Google's reaches of the Chinese NIAONiao community.

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