Illustration by k0gata-san
Physical attributes
Gender Female
Age 19
Character Information
Character Item her handbag accessory and leek flower
Personality Refined, clumsy, polite, somehow quiet, often has her eyes closed
Hobbies arts, fashion (loves traditional clothes), eating leeks, hanging with Riisuu Kogata and Qingge Shuiyaori
Dislikes Perverts, being mocked for her low voice, tensions between China and Japan
 Jinghua (京華, Jīnghuá) is an UTAUloid created by K0gata-san and voiced by MillyAqualine. She's an upcoming virtual singer for NiaoNIAO, through import. She was created in the early 2010's, following the request of a "low, womanly voice". Jinghua is built for Mandarin, as well sa having extras enabling her to speak in other languages such as French without as much troubles as with less phonemes. Her name was originally written as 菁華, meaning "leek flower", hence becoming one of her items. It's also the alternative spelling of her name, along with 华. Her UTAU bank was shown in two samples, uploaded on Chinese Year 2013 and Chinese New Year 2015, along with Qingge this time :

In UTAU form, the g-15 flag activates the "lolita mode" whereas for NiaoNIAO this mode cannot be activated.

Her early sample of her import can be heard here [1] . Jinghua's voicerange is F#3-C5 and her recommended genres are traditional songs, pop and ballads. She has a quiet voice.

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