The NIAONiao Usage Policy follows the usage of the NIAONiao Virtual Singer software.

  1. NIAONiao cannot be sold. NIAONiao is purely freeware. None of the downloads require a purchase to be used. However, money can be accepted as donation towards NIAONiao's development.
  2. When publishing your singer, you must have permission from the voice library creator. Also comply to the rules that the creator lays down. This applies to dead voicers as well. If you do not have their consent, do not do it.
  3. NIAONiao is not responsible for any copyright violations when you use their software. They are not responsible for any other liabilities caused by their software.
  4. Using NIAONiao for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Users should contact dsound (dsound2011@gmail) before attempting commercial use.
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