NIAONiao Virtual Singer Wikia
Niaoniao Yu
Default Virtual Singer
Default Virtual Singer
Physical attributes
Height 165cm
Weight 44kg
Gender Female
Age 19
Character Information
Character Item Unknown
Birthday March 19
Sign Pisces
Personality A little narcisstic
Hobbies Cleaning, making tea
Dislikes Soft foods like eggplants, fried food
Motto "Well, you win."

Niaoniao Yu (余袅袅) is a Chinese NIAONiao Virtual Singer by dsound. She is the default voice library when you download the NIAONiao Editor + Audio Library bundle.

Voice Library

Niaoniao is one of the first NIAONiao banks to be released. She has a Chinese Continous Sound voicebank that is available for download Here. The current version is at 1.5.

Yu Niaoniao will be updated with the engine. Her 2.0 bank can be heard singing here


On February 10th, 2020 Niaoniao Yu received a new design and was released on the vocal synth AISingers. A VocaDB entry can be seen here.