Duola Pang (胖哆啦, Pàng Duola) is a Chinese voicebank, and is voiced by Lalabu-Shi-Zhu (啦啦bu是猪, Lala bu shì zhū).

Her voicebank can be downloaded here
Duola's voice can be heard here [1] (YT reprint).

Duola Pang
Pangduola body
Physical attributes
Height 160 cm
Gender Female
Age 17
Character Information
Character Item Her P hairpin
Birthday 11th of January
Sign Capricorn
Personality Is naturally a food lover and gourmet
Hobbies Eating everything that contains ginger
Dislikes Going shopping (because she cannot find good-looking clothes that fit her)
Motto "What's for dinner/lunch ? "

Her voice is clear, high-pitched and slightly childish-sounding. The recommended range is B3-B4 and her recommended genres are love songs, traditional music and lullabies.

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