NIAONiao Virtual Singer Wikia
Ruyue Yan
84dd body.jpg
Physical attributes
Height 168 cm
Weight 46 kg
Gender Female
Age 22
Character Information
Character Item blue & white stripes
Birthday 4th of May
Sign Taurus
Personality Quiet and peaceful
Hobbies Reading,doing housework
Dislikes Noisy places
Motto "Ah, sounds good~ "

Ruyue Yan (颜如月, Yán Rúyuè) is a virtual singer for NiaoNIAO voiced by Youfei (尤菲, Yóufēi) and currently on 1.0 version. She sings in Chinese.

She can be downloaded here :

Her recommended range is C4-C5 and her recommended genre is emotional songs.

She is soft, breathy, slightly mature and relaxed-sounding, with a soothing feel.