This is the page where I show you how to use the program. I will contain a slide show at the bottom if the text doesnt help you at all.

Finding and Installing the program

Hello! I'm Bioloid/Randoming253! Today I'm gonna tell you how to find and install NIAONiao! But before you read this, i suggest you read more about the program Introduction To NIAONiao Virtual Singer If you cant read chinese, dont worry, I'm going to walk you through the steps.

Okay, First things first go to or click here
Scroll down to the third link named 下载/教程

After you reach the page, click the first link named 袅袅 - 下载专区.

Once you get to the page, click the link named 百度网盘. This contains the voicebank and the program itself!

The link should direct you to Then look to the top and find a white button that looks like a arrow pointing down. It should say 下载(40.8M). Once located click it, and your download should begin.

Once downloaded, find a place where you can extract it. Then open the program, and start composing originals, and maing covers!

Dont worry, UI translation pages will come soon!

Installing/Creating voiebanks

Video tutorial provided by PuririnLuka.

NIAONiao Tutorial Creating a NIAONiao vb with UTAU Samples

NIAONiao Tutorial Creating a NIAONiao vb with UTAU Samples

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