Yoshiro Nariyama
Nariyama yoshiro
Physical attributes
Gender Male
Age 24
Character Information
Character Item Swimsuit
Birthday Feb 04th
Sign Aquarius
Personality Yoshiro is a gaymer UTAU/NIAONiao, adult actor, swimmer coach and Pokémon Trainer.
Hobbies Recording adult movies, reading yaoi doujinshis, play his Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch, swimming.
Dislikes Winter or cold days, homophobia.
Motto "Sorry girls, I'm gay!"
Nariyama Yoshiro™ is a reboot version of a old project named "Hiwatari Yoshiro".

Created in august 2011, Hiwatari wasn't popular because the low quality but in 2014, Hiwatari was re-relesead with a dual pack with another voicebank character and a better quality but in 2016 the project was ended and Hiwatari Yoshiro was discontinued with the another voicebank character. In 2017 was starting reboot plans to Hiwatari but with new name, design and personality. In 2019 Nariyama Yoshiro™ was finally realesed for free for many engines. His design was inspired on many yaoi doujin characters like "Yoshiro Aoyama" from DEEPER Series by Mazjojo and "Sakuraba Satoshi" from 自撮りなトライ (Selfie-ish Try) Series by 京太 (keita/Tomcat).


Nariyama have 2 voicebanks Japanese and Chinese and have a production a Portuguese.

His Chinese voicebank can downloaded here

His Japanese voicebak can downloaded here

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